Worship & Bible Studies at Oregon Community UMC

Oregon Community UMC Sanctuary

Oregon Community is a small group of believers who know and care deeply for each other. Our worship services are grounded in scripture and focused on transforming lives. The worship style is a laid back blend of traditional hymns, modern liturgies, and sermons meant to spark conversation and deep thinking. 

We have some traditional elements including prayer, creeds, and liturgies--and communion on the first Sunday of the month. However, the preaching is more contemporary and has a style focused on teaching and interaction with the congregation. 

As far as a "dress code," there is none. Come as you feel comfortable. Some people are in suits, others are more casual, and the pastor is usually in jeans. We care more about getting to know you and meeting your needs than about how you look.

Church is about getting to come into the presence of God and experiencing the love of Jesus the savior. And it is about doing so in community with other people who have some of the same struggles and hopes as you. We invite you to join us and pray that you will find the experience uplifting and meaningful.

You are invited to join us at 9am for worship every week--and the service usually lasts until 10:00am.

You can also attend ONLINE at 10:30am: We will also continue to broadcast online each week from Faith UMC (our sister church). You can view them online: Look up Pastor “Jason Perkowski” on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jason.perkowski.3) or by viewing the video with the links below. Facebook isn’t needed.

Bible Studies:

It would be excellent if every member of the congregation was involved in at least one Bible Study during the week. Please choose one study to attend each week, and bring a friend to join you. We have several opportunities:.