Sermon Series

Our worship service takes place every Sunday at 9:00am. The sermons each week are grounded in scripture and focused on transforming lives. The preaching is more contemporary and has a style focused on teaching and interaction with the congregation. And yes, sometimes the message may step on toes or leave us with more questions than answers. But that is ok, because it gives us a chance to go home thinking about the message and making decisions for ourselves about what we believe and how we should apply what we have learned. Additionally, Pastor Jason is always eager to continue the conversation after the service is done. So, if you want to discuss the message or ask questions, feel free to contact him during the week!

Current Sermon Series:

You can listen to this latest sermon--and if you click on "Perkowski's PodCast" you can see some of the older sermons that are available (more coming soon now that I have settled on a Podcast server and can discover how best to catalog them)

Sample Sermon Series: From Genesis To Revelation-- A Walk Through the Bible

We had a sermons series that was the beginning of a walk through the Bible--from the first book (Genesis) to the final book (Revelation). Our goal is to simply see what God has revealed through these scriptures--which we hope is a refreshing way to study them. Rather than beginning with a theme or topic, we are just exploring the texts in a basically chronological order. However, we are also making connections from one book to another as it makes sense. So, where there are Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) references that are fulfilled in the New Testament, we will explore those prophecies. And where there are similar events that pop up across the history, we will draw those connections.

All Creation - July 9, 2017 (Based on Genesis 1:1-2:3; John 1:1-18)

Brother’s Keeper - July 23, 2017 (Based on Genesis 4; Romans 11:11-32; Romans 12: 1-8)

Noah: Consequences, Grace & Covenants - July 30, 2017 (Based on Genesis 6; 7:1-6,17-24; 8:10-12,18-22; 9:1-6, 12-15)

A Messy Family - August 6, 2017 (Based on Genesis 9:18-29; 10:6, 18b-20; 11:1-9; Jeremiah 23:1-8)

Walking Faithfully - August 13, 2017 (Based on Genesis 12-13)